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Miss Springdale High School was a pageant for beauty, poise and talent that served as a yearbook fundraiser, said Angela Trunick, Springdale High School secretary. The pageant began in 1960 and concluded in 2009, when it had evolved to become the Mr. and Miss Springdale High School pageant.

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This 'diva dog' regularly scoops pageant crowns decked out in an ultra-glam wardrobe 'worth 20,000' - seeing the mutt transformed into Marilyn Monroe, a 'flapper girl' and even the queen. Chihuahua Lindy can be seen strutting her stuff in incredible designer-inspired clobber, hair pieces and fancy dress costumes thanks to owner Mandy Corbett.

But Mandy, who also has two other chihuahuas including four-year-old Coco and 10-year-old Indy, also ensures Lindy's mentally stimulated and that her trick repertoire is in tip-top condition by doing rapid-fire daily training. Thrilled Mandy says she's 'so proud' seeing Lindy up on stage - crediting the training classes, pageants and shows she's only competed in for a year for overcoming the pooch's 'lockdown anxiety'.

During lockdown Lindy experienced anxiety from not socialising with other humans and dogs, so Mandy started attending dog shows and training classes to help overcome it. While attending shows with Lindy sporting fancy dresses, people mentioned to Mandy the possibility of her entering dog pageants - and the pair haven't looked back.

Crafty Mandy, who's always sewn and knitted outfits for her beloved chihuahuas, says entering pageants has given her a reason to make a variety of outfits for Lindy. Other extravagant outfits include one inspired Belle's iconic yellow dress in Beauty and the Beast, a Great Gatsby-inspired 'flapper girl' dress and Wonder Woman.

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Among the glitz and the glamour, the sequins and the hairspray, there are a few contestants on the pageant circuit not quite like the others. They're pageant boys, competing for crowns in a girls' world.

Even his 3-year-old brother, Casey, is competing now. The beautified brothers are among a small but growing number of boys competing on the pageant circuit. An estimated 10 percent of contestants are now boys, up from 5 percent five years ago.

In some cases, pageant moms admit their sons are filling a void. \"When I see little girls, I always think, I could turn my little boys into girls,\" another mom said. \"These are my girls I never had!\"

But Miller insists Zander is living out his own dream. \"The people who say this is not for little boys need to wake up. We are in 2010. Heading into 2011. I honestly never thought I'd be doing pageants with my son. But he loves it. Everyone loves him.\"

Miller said she's all too aware that Zander's involvement in pageants, as well as his interest in ballet and gymnastics, leads some to believe he'll one day come out as gay. But she's determined to let him decide his path.

For now, Zander said, he's happy to pursue pageants and dream of a future that embraces all walks of life. \"I wanna be an adventurist and a hunter and a pharmacist so I can pay for pageants,\" Zander said.

Kaitlin Henricks, 20, is crowned 2017 Miss Macon County Fair Queen on Thursday during pageant at the Macon County fairgrounds. 2016 Jr. Miss winner Caitlinn Deverell is on the left of Henricks. Online gallery at

The pageant kicked off Macon County Fair grandstand events, which will continue this weekend. The evening competition included swimsuits, a one-minute speech dressed in business attire and evening gowns. The young women, ages 16 through 21, took part in personal interviews earlier in the day.

2016 Jr. Miss Macon County Fair winner Caitlinn Deverell places the crown on Lula Belle Sassano, 13, to be the 2017 Jr. Miss Macon County on Thursday during Macon County Fair pageants at the Macon County Fairgrounds. Online gallery at

Organizers created a Parade of Princesses for this year's county fair for girls ages 4 to 10. Taking the stage for this portion of the pageant was Lexie Waddell, Lillien Smith, Myliyah Goforth, Sha'Kia Moss and Laura Rodriguez. All of the princesses received a sash and gifts.

Princess contestant Sha'Kia Moss poses after answering a question during the 2017 Macon County Fair pageant at the Macon County fairgrounds. Online gallery at

By qualifying for Nationals at your NAM event you are eligible to represent a city or county of your choice from your home state at the national pageant. Cities will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

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The Miss Saratoga Springs Scholarship Pageant is a program designed to help young women in Saratoga Springs serve their community and gain scholarship money for higher education. The pageant is open to young ladies between the ages of 16 and 21 years (as of March 4th, 2023).

The winners will be chosen based on the content of the essay (including grammar and punctuation) and how they conduct themselves during the interview. They will be introduced at the Miss Saratoga Springs Scholarship pageant March 4 at 7:00pm at Vista Heights Middle School. Each winner will receive 2 free tickets to the pageant. They will get to attend city events throughout the year and work alongside our Miss Saratoga Springs Royalty and serve as representatives of our community, including riding on the Saratoga Springs float in parades. 041b061a72


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