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Perla Beer Where To Buy

Poland- Euro Pale Lager- "Chmielowa is the brewery's leading product. The finest quality ingredients, use of the the Lubelskie region best hops, and original centuries old recipe have grea influence on the unique attributes of this beer, its characteristic bitterness and golden hue."

perla beer where to buy

500ML CAN7.6%ALC/VOLPerla HoneyLight full honey beer with the alcohol content of 6%. Naturally cloudy with a deep amber color and a long-lasting light-creme foam. It owes its unique aroma and taste to the mixture of the characteristic bitterness well-beloved by Perła Chmielowa fans and the delicate sweetness of the multi-flower honeys from the Lublin region. Try the newest product from the Pearl Among Beers.

This product can be only purchased in conjunction with other non-alcoholic goods available for purchase at our online store. The total value of the liquor in any single transaction can not be more than 75% of the total purchase in that transaction. The amount of beer, cider or wine is limited to a maximum of 9 liters per transaction. The maximum amount of liquor other than beer, cider or wine is limited to 2 liters per transaction.

The right selection of natural ingredients, the use of the best Lublin hops and the original, centuries-old recipe have the greatest impact on the unique qualities of this beer, i.e. the characteristic bitterness and golden colour.

Browary Lubelskie is a Polish brewery. Founded in 1844 in the abandoned ruins of a monastery, in 1846 it began brewing a Helles-style beer using bottom fermenting technology. A second brewery opened in 1914.

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Delicious, refreshing Perla - Chmielowa Beer is perfect for all days! This Polish beer has 6% ABV and features a light, floral flavor with hints of hops. It's perfect for relaxing with friends or enjoying at your next cookout. So grab a few cans and enjoy the taste of Perla - Chmielowa today!

Hi, I like this beer, too. Perla in polish means pearl. As a matter of fact I was born in Lublin the place that this beer is made. Glad to hear that you like this beer, too. I wish this beer would be sold in US.Regards,Eva

A refreshing beer that is the essence of traditional production methods and the latest solutions used in brewing. It has a characteristic, strong flavour, golden colour and a subtle aroma of aromatic hops.

As a brewing ingredient, pearl barley is relatively new to both the craft beer and homebrew industries, but it has long been a traditional food source for areas of South America because of its rich nutritional value. Because pearl barley is abundant in natural fiber, low fat and has a low glycemic index, it is commonly used as a side dish, in soups or salads and in cereal bars.

The overlying difference between Black Pearl Barley and other roasted barleys is that the husk has been completely removed from the grain. This allows for the characteristics of a roasted barley, like chocolate, mocha and coffee to shine through without being accompanied by the bitterness that many dark specialty malts often instill in beer.

Because the bitterness from the Black Pearl Barley, particularly the 340L, is minimal, Patagonia Malt says that brewers can use Perla Negra for as much as fifteen percent of the grain bill, achieving the aforementioned flavor and aroma characteristics with low bitterness. For this reason, it is an ideal specialty grain to use for dark beers without instilling dominant burnt characteristics.

In 2012, Steven Pauwels, Boulevard Brewing Company brewmaster, judged at Copa Cervezas de America Chile, an event sponsored by Patagonia Malt. While in Chile, Steven visited the Patagonia Malt facility where he sampled the Black Pearl Barley and other malts.

Patagonia Perla Negra 340L, or "Black Pearl 340L", is a Chilean, de-husked roasted malt. It imparts lighter in color than most chocolate or black malts and has a mellow chocolate notes mixed with coffee and nuts. Through a specialized process, the husk is completely removed and the grain gently toasted to develop low roast taste with mild bitterness. Perfect for any dark beers, but especially Stouts, Porters, Black IPAa1/2a1/21/2s, and even Bocks and Oktoberfest Marzen style beers.

Perła Miodowa perfectly joins hop bitterness as known by the beer lovers with the natural honey sweetness directly from the Lublin land. Try and taste the honey interpretation of Perła Chmielowa (Hop Perl). Naturally hazy.

Patagonia Perla Negra 340L, or "Black Pearl 340L", is a Chilean, de-husked roasted malt that is lighter in color than most chocolate or black malts. The delicate roasting produces flavors of chocolate, coffee, and nuts. And because much of the bitterness and astringency of roasted malts resides in the husk, Perla Negra 340L is smooth and rich, lacking the harsh flavors of black malt or roasted barley. It is suitable for use in any dark beers, but is especially useful in styles were malt-based bitterness is not desired, like Bocks, Porters, dark Märzens, and Black IPAs.

Apparently this is an eco and bio friendly beer with the malted barley produced by organic farmers in Grisons, the Eastern part of Switzerland, and also using natural spring water from the Alpstein, part of the Appenzell Alps.

Vines are grown in the Valdobbiadene DOCG area (where the highest quality of Prosecco Superiore is produced). The hills are south facing and steep; the altitude ranges from 400 to 1300ft ASL. The vineyards receive adequate Sun, are well-drained and ventilated by the gentle breezes from the Adriatic Sea. The soil is rocky with sandstone and clay... This is a refined Prosecco, pale straw-yellow in color with a delicate floral bouquet and aromas of acacia, wild flowers and apples. Fine and long lasting perlage

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